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Another Schleese Innovation Launching Shortly

ByMiriam Boutros-Dale|October 24th, 2018



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Another Schleese Innovation Launching Shortly

Once again Schleese leads the world of saddle fit! After having worked with over 150,000 saddle fit evaluations in the last 40 years, we have come to the realization that something needs to change. More and more veterinarians are recommending the need for not annual, not bi-annual, but quarterly saddle fit adjustments to truly accommodate the horse’s changing conformation! This is just unrealistic and unsustainable for any saddlery; for any saddle fitter! That means for every saddle sold, another three visits every year to adjust it – not to mention the expense, effort and time for the client!

So – we have come up with the most innovative solution in saddlery yet – our Bi-NateLine(BNL) saddles made on our infinitely adjustable lightweight AdapTree®, which outperform any other tree on the market today – be it English or Western! We are working to publish a couple of papers with several universities which will observe the strictest research protocols with statistical samples of more than the seemingly universally accepted 10 horses per paper. For now, our anecdotal experiences with 500 x that number every year gives us all the credibility we need to illustrate the FACTS we know.  We use only state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment such as the Seaver Horse girth, which scientifically monitors equine heart rate and gait symmetry with its electrodes as well as various jumping stats such as average height and take-off angles, the MediLogic® computerized saddle pad, plus a Polar Heart Rate Monitor and thermographic imaging camera to help determine optimum fit.

The evolution of even our own saddles over the years brings truth to the innovations we have developed. In the past, our saddles had narrow gullets, no shoulder relief, were not gender appropriate. Over the years our constant interaction with equine professionals at all levels have led to the necessary changes that we now know are best for horse and rider. Our most recent innovation – the PSI panel – gets rave reviews from our clients and super results that even a non-horse-person can recognize in the way the horses move.

Working with a 5* international Olympic level judge (and listening to what else our clients want – (softer, closer seat, lighter saddle, less saddle fitting required) we have now added the Bi-NateLineto the PSI panel.  In essence, it is the ultimate wedding of Western and English worlds – since horses that have been ridden in the western saddles traditionally have always needed to be comfortable as they were considered to be “working” horses. English saddles were always more about ‘fad’ rather than function. So we have combined the two to make a beautiful English saddle that not only conforms to the ‘look’ of the ‘fad’ – but will absolutely perform the function of keeping the horse comfortable and moving optimally to perform at its best.

With this new Bi-NateLine Schleese secures its position as the leading ‘horse-friendly’ manufacturer in the world, by creating a saddle that not only combines form with function but provides the lowest pounds per square inch pressure distribution on the horse’s back with the PSI panel. Avoiding the sensitive reflex points on the horses back, Schleese has created a saddle line with the Bi-NateLine that will support a longer-lasting softer, closer, saddle fitting, which is unmatched in today’s market and will become the new standard.

Any saddle we have made can be retrofitted to offer all of our clients this same experience.  We still offer our traditional saddle line on the regular infinitely adjustable patented AdapTree®, all of which can be updated as an option with the PSI Panel, however, we can foresee that the future of saddles sold by Schleese will be part of the Bi-NateLinereality.

About Jochen Schleese and Schleese Saddlery Service Ltd.

Jochen Schleese got his certification as Master Saddler at the age of 22 and came to Canada in 1986 to establish and register the trade of saddlery in North America. With over 80 different models designed over the years, Schleese Saddlery Service Ltd is the world leading manufacturer of saddles designed for women, specializing in the unique anatomical requirements of female riders. Schleese authorized representatives provide diagnostic saddle fit analysis and saddle fitting services across the globe to maintain optimal saddle fit to horse and rider.

Jochen is the author of the best-selling “Suffering in Silence: The Saddle Fit Link to Physical and Psychological Trauma in Horses”, now in its third printing by Trafalgar Square and available in hard copy, digital, paperback and soon audio versions at

He is a regular guest lecturer at various equine and veterinary colleges around North America and Europe.

For more information about Jochen Schleese and Schleese Saddlery Ltd. please go to or




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I am a new Schleese customer and wanted to tell you how much I love my new saddle!  I have struggled for almost 5 years trying to find the right saddle for my horse.  New ones would work for a short time, but were never the right fit for myself and my horse together.  After watching all your videos, reading your book and the information on your website, I decided that I wanted to do the right thing for my horse and purchase one of your saddles. Working with Denise Lenz was so educational and fun!  She was just super and explained everything she was doing.  I had several people there to watch me ride in 3 different saddles, but my horse Rex chose the Obrigado.  His movement was so different than anything I have ever felt before!  He has a very short back so it really suited him, and everyone watching agreed it was the one.  He was so happy and forward moving in that saddle, and I really just sat there and let him go.  Sitting the trot and canter was effortless for me for the first time!  Now I see why a “female” saddle makes such a difference.  I could never sit his canter easily before or keep my toes forward in my previous saddles.  The seat is so comfortable and I feel really supported as I ride.  It’s like I am one with him, and not just sitting on his back.  Every ride is a good ride and I’m excited to keep progressing with his training now that he can really move his body and not be uncomfortable or restricted. I am also very grateful to Denise for selling me that demo saddle so I didn't have to wait for one to be made.  She said she could leave us knowing it fit perfectly, and that gave her peace of mind.  I slept really well that night knowing I had purchased not only a lovely piece of equipment, but also feeling relieved that my horse will never suffer pain from an ill-fitting saddle ever again.  I am a Schleese customer for life now and look forward to working with Denise for years to come. “Obrigado” [Thank you] and kind regards.

— Christine Stevens - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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