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Become a Schleese Ambassador and Earn Cash Rewards

Our Schleese Ambassador program recognizes the efforts of our loyal clients who continue to support and promote our products and services on an ongoing basis. Helping horses and earning rewards at the same time has never been so easy.

Schleese Ambassador Credits can be used at any time toward your purchase of Schleese products or services, or they can be accumulated for future use.

  1. Redeem $1000 worth of coupon credits and receive a $1000 cheque from Schleese.
  2. Redeem $1000 worth of coupon credits and receive an Added Bonus of $250 on your Schleese account. You now have a value of $1250 on your account to be used toward a future purchase of a NEW Schleese saddle of your choice. 

Let us know why you would like to represent Schleese as an Ambassador we look forward to hearing from you.  In the interim, check out our English Ambassadors and Western Ambassadors.


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People often complain when unhappy but don't take the time to share gratitude. Today was my first ride in my new Obrigado! Luanne Reaume has been fantastic. She got the measurements just right for me and my PRE stallion. It was a joy finally getting a custom saddle for me and my horse. And tada, I was immediately sitting perfectly and so comfortable to walk, trot, canter and piaffe! And my horse was happy too. I cannot wait to get back in this saddle. Your saddle manufacturers did a great job. The quality is beautiful. I have ridden in many different dressage saddles. This is the most comfortable and well balanced. It puts you in the exact right place right behind the withers! I wanted you to know what a pleasure it was to work with Luanne. She is a treasure to your company and we customers.  

— PK Harrison, Boon, MI

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