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Miriam Boutros-Dale

Managing Director

Odia Dibben

Sales Manager

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Chris Zuccolo

Production Manager

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Michelle J. Powell

IT-Web Support Specialist

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Jeannette Ellis

Accounting Manager

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Crystal Bruyns

Production Coordinator

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Linda Haughton

Senior Clinic Coordinator

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Colleen McBroom

Clinic Coordinator

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Julia Alebrand

Clinic Coordinator & Certified Saddle Ergonomist

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Mackenzie Jay

Sales and Marketing Content Creator

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Shaelynn Langman

Client Care Specialist

800.225.2242 x 22


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Hello Jochen, I just wanted to send you this email to thank you for the effort you went through to ensure that I was happy with my saddle from your company. I do understand that you and Liana went above and beyond to help me out of a saddle that was not working for me and into one that really improves my position as well as my horse’s way of going. I have forwarded a picture of me riding Deuce in the Wave saddle. I know you have a huge clientele but if you can remember fitting me originally (as a 240lb woman) into a hunter pleasure saddle at the Massachusetts Equine Affaire a number of years ago, I hope you will appreciate the difference. Thank you again for making this saddle purchase possible.

— Susan Oakland :) - Dresden, ME

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