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Schleese is currently working on our ‘Tribute’ saddle. The ‘Tribute’ will be a limited edition anniversary saddle to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Schleese Saddlery Service Ltd.  We will also be introducing Glamour options for all or our saddles to celebrate in style.

We will also be introducing the ‘Devin’ saddle model later this year.  ‘Devin’ will be our new Western Trail/Pleasure saddle with much more exciting information to be announced under our new Schleese Western Saddle (SWS) launch.


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Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Jochen to fit my 7-year old Andalusian with a Schleese Obrigado saddle. I believe that I am one of the first owners of this model of saddle in the USA, and I felt it might be of some help to you to have a brief testimonial on this saddle from an owner's point of view. I have been on my dressage journey for over 60 years as a rider, trainer and FEI competitor. I recently purchased an Obrigado saddle from Jochen directly, and, of course, he fitted it perfectly to my 4th level Andalusian gelding. Immediately after the fitting, I noticed a positive improvement in my horse's movements and overall way of going. His gaits have improved dramatically and his vertical lift through the shoulder at all gaits has become quite extraordinary. A number of trainers and judges have commented favorably on my horse's improved movement. I am well aware that Schleese Saddlery prides itself on anatomically suited saddles for women. As a man, I have found my new saddle to be comfortable for my horse and me from day one. I am not one to write a testimonial about any saddle, but in this case it is more than well deserved. I would strongly recommend the Obrigado to anyone whose horse will benefit from the saddle's design and fit. It will definitely improve their dressage journey and help take it to a higher level.    

— Michael J. Rabinowitz - Stonington, CT

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