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Welcome to Schleese’s state of the art Professional Online Saddle Fitting Evaluation Service. This service is unlike any found in the equine industry, and best of all it’s FREE!

Getting started is easy!

First, watch the videos below to become familiar with the process of what is expected during the measuring process. You can then begin filling in the form and feel free to “save for later” at any time. This option is found at the bottom of the form.  We suggest filling in as much information as you can before you head to the barn to do your measurements. Keep in mind you will not be able to complete all the boxes until you have completed your measurements in the barn.

Toward the bottom of the form, you can click the link to print the barn worksheet and instructions on how to take the video and photos that we require. It is very important you take both print documents with you to ensure that no information is missed. When you finish your measurements in the barn you can return to the online form and transfer the data from your worksheet and phone into the online form to submit. The actual tracings need to be mailed to us at the address below (if you are having your Schleese saddle refit or are purchasing a saddle to be fit). If you have ordered a Schleese Fit Kit from us and would like a Kit refund, please include the full Kit with your tracings*. When your saddle fit expert has your completed reviewing your online submission they will be in touch to continue the process.

Schleese Saddlery
Attention: Odia Dibben

34 Centennial Ave,
Holland Landing, ON
L9N 1H2

*You can use items you have to complete the measurements or order a Schleese Fit Kit from us for a $100 deposit (refundable) plus shipping. You can order this with the saddle fit expert assisting you.

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I met Jochen Schleese in 2007 at Dressage at Devon, where I showed my Oldenburg Stallion "Diamunde" in the 5 y/o FEI Horse Competition and in the Breed Show. I immediately loved the idea of the saddle being adjustable to both horse and rider, but was otherwise not too fond of having to spend what seemed to be a small fortune for a new saddle (I had only owned my stallion for one year, and had bought him his 3rd saddle already). Jochen persisted and we met the day after my competition finished. After a wonderfully informative fitting and lecture it was time to ride my horse in this new saddle. No saddle pad, crowded, crazy warmup arena at Devon, and 10 minutes into the whole thing people were watching a 5 y/o stallion playing with his newfound back and shoulder freedom and a rider smiling from one ear to the other. So, only one regret: I should have bought the saddle before my FEI competition. And this was only the start of a very wonderful relationship with Jochen and the Schleese company. Together, we now have developed a new saddle called the "Elegancia" for the short-backed Iberian and modern Warmblood Sporthorse. Boy, wait until you try this one! I have yet to feel this much freedom in my horses' backs!!!  And to come back to the "small fortune" idea: Yes, I feel fortunate to ride in a Schleese saddle, my horses are happy and sound, and I have saved more money and time than I can tell you! So, look at the big picture: You are investing in your and your horses' health!  

— Petra Wilder - Spellbound Farms Inc., FL

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