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  • Used – Tribute – 17.5″ – 76058S0417

    $5,695.00 Contact Us
  • HK - 17.5" - 15338S0115

    Used – Heike Kemmer – 17.5″ – 15339S0115

    $4,595.00 Contact Us
  • Used Link - 17.5" - 4586H1103

    Used – Link – 17.5″ – 4586H1103

    $2,100.00 Contact Us

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As a recipient of the 30 Year Saddle Giveaway I have had my saddle for two months now and I have never felt more comfortable and balanced in a saddle! We have struggled for years finding a saddle to work with both my body and fit my horse Adhemar and keep him happy, and Schleese has made that possible. I have not had any pain or spasms in this saddle even going into the colder months, as it lets my legs sit where are comfortable and doesn’t force me into one position. This is the first saddle that has stayed in the middle for Adhemar and I as well, enabling him to balance underneath me and overall making a happier partner. A huge thank you to the team at Schleese, I can’t thank you enough!  

— Kim Scott, BC

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