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Thigh Blocks

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  • External Thigh Rolls with Bling Crystals

    Bling Dressage External Style Thigh Blocks for Mono Flap Saddles

    $325.00 Select options
  • Internal Bling Thigh Rolls - 5 Styles

    Bling Dressage Internal Thigh Blocks for Double Flap Saddles

    $225.00 Select options
  • Dressage External Thigh Blocks

    Dressage External Style Support Thigh Blocks for Mono Flap Saddles

    $195.00 Select options
  • Thigh Rolls - Internal Styles for Double Flap Saddles

    Dressage Internal Style Support Thigh Blocks for Traditional Double Flap Saddles

    $95.00 Select options

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I am a new Schleese customer and wanted to tell you how much I love my new saddle!  I have struggled for almost 5 years trying to find the right saddle for my horse.  New ones would work for a short time, but were never the right fit for myself and my horse together.  After watching all your videos, reading your book and the information on your website, I decided that I wanted to do the right thing for my horse and purchase one of your saddles. Working with Denise Lenz was so educational and fun!  She was just super and explained everything she was doing.  I had several people there to watch me ride in 3 different saddles, but my horse Rex chose the Obrigado.  His movement was so different than anything I have ever felt before!  He has a very short back so it really suited him, and everyone watching agreed it was the one.  He was so happy and forward moving in that saddle, and I really just sat there and let him go.  Sitting the trot and canter was effortless for me for the first time!  Now I see why a “female” saddle makes such a difference.  I could never sit his canter easily before or keep my toes forward in my previous saddles.  The seat is so comfortable and I feel really supported as I ride.  It’s like I am one with him, and not just sitting on his back.  Every ride is a good ride and I’m excited to keep progressing with his training now that he can really move his body and not be uncomfortable or restricted. I am also very grateful to Denise for selling me that demo saddle so I didn't have to wait for one to be made.  She said she could leave us knowing it fit perfectly, and that gave her peace of mind.  I slept really well that night knowing I had purchased not only a lovely piece of equipment, but also feeling relieved that my horse will never suffer pain from an ill-fitting saddle ever again.  I am a Schleese customer for life now and look forward to working with Denise for years to come. “Obrigado” [Thank you] and kind regards.

— Christine Stevens - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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