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Biomechanics of Western Saddle Fit – 2-Part Series Video Download


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Biomechanics of Western Saddle Fit – Video Download
A 2-Part Series – The Human and the Equine Dynamic
Elevating saddle fit to horse and female equestrians.

The Biomechanics of Western Saddle Fit is a two-part series encompassing the Human and Equine Dynamic.  This series of videos is our latest educational offering and deals primarily with the considerations of horse and rider in Western saddle fitting while accounting for the impact of both the physical (biomechanics) and psychological aspects of the horse. Dealing with common concerns to riders, owners, and all equine professionals, this compilation of information enlightens western riders of all disciplines and levels as to the possible symptomatic causes from poor saddle fit resulting in lameness, muscle atrophy, sore backs, and unwanted behaviour.

Certified Master Saddler and Saddle Ergonomist Jochen Schleese presents his points in a clear and concise manner, working with renowned American biomechanics expert Jillian Kreinbring, M.S. to enlighten and entertain the viewer while changing the mindset regarding the status quo of western saddle fit.  Part 1 deals with the human and equine dynamic in considering saddle fit, whereas part 2 delves into the classical principles of saddle fit and combines their consideration with contemporary fields of study in equine biomechanics and psychology.

Something that even our English riders can enjoy and learn from!

Jochen Schleese – CMS, CSFT, CSE

Jillian Kreinbring – Equine Biomechanics Expert

Jochen Schleese – Innovator of ‘saddles for women’ that are ergonomically designed, allowing female riders to sit properly balanced and comfortably positioned.
Jillian Kreinbring – Applying classical principles combined with contemporary equine biomechanics and psychology.

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Biomechanics of Western Saddle Fit: The Human and Equine Dynamics with Jillian Kreinbring and Jochen Schleese

Jillian Kreinbrings’s work with horses draws upon Classical Dressage principles and her roots in the Western Horse arena, as well as from her equine biomechanics education.  She actively studies with Manolo Mendez, Peggy Cummings, Stephanie Millham, and the late Mark Russell.  As a perpetual student of the horse, Jillian also spends quality time reading literature to stay informed with the latest research from professionals in the field.  The convergence of all the information and wisdom shared by these instructors blends beautifully into what Jillian teaches her students.

Jochen Schleese graduated from Passier in 1985 as the youngest Certified Master Saddler in Germany at the time. He came to Canada as the Official Saddler for the 1986 World Dressage Championships. Jochen registered the trade of saddlery in North America in 1990, and operated the only authorized training facility for this trade in Ontario. He discovered that many female riders struggle with pain and health issues from riding in saddles designed for male riders (due to pelvic and anatomical differences).

Schleese Saddlery Service (1986) is the world leader in gender correct saddles, which can be fitted and adjusted according to the biomechanics of movement and the development of the horse, through personal on-site saddle fit evaluations.

A special thank you to our Equestrian, Sarah Ellis and Sarah’s horse, Bonnie.

Filmed at Hy Court Farm, Cedar Creek, Texas. Founded in 1998 with the vision of creating an environment to study, teach and explore every aspect of quality horsemanship.


Produced by Banchee Films with editorial comments by Schleese Saddlery Service Ltd. Production crew: Melanie Miller, Michael Shappell, and Michael Psencik.


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Ten years ago I purchased a lovely three yr. old Friesian cross to train for dressage, not realizing the size he would attain for my small frame.  He quickly outgrew my extra wide saddle and my other hoop tree saddle was so very painful for my hips that I actually was diagnosed with torn labral cartilage and subsequent further OA degeneration of both hip joints.  I then began to ride in my other trail saddle with panels that "sort of" fit the broad back/mutton withers but completely destroyed attempts at a effective dressage position and continued to be very painful for me. Having spent a summer with a driving instructor and realizing that was not for me, my only choice seemed to be selling my now beautifully trained and well loved horse and finding a "skinny little one" I could perhaps ride after the recommended bilateral hip replacement surgeries. By now you can probably see where this note is going; yes, I signed up for a Schleese evaluation last summer, rode in a loaner until my custom was made and now, after several weeks in my new Schleese, even the severe and chronic tendinitis has mostly healed and finally at age 74, I'm working with a Centered Riding instructor, attending clinics and riding better than I ever have on Mr. Propane Tank. So, thank you for the extensive time and effort you have taken to develop saddles that enable us little older women to continue to enjoy what we have devoted so many years to attaining even with our imperfect joints, and in my case, to avoid drastic surgeries.

— Linda Greenman - Fort Collins, CO

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