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The Essential Fergus


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Meet Fegus the charmingly imperfect “every man’s horse” created by artist Jean Abernethy.  See how Fergus came to be – his early years, the history of his “friends” – and laugh along with his most-loved comic strips, as well as brand new cartoons created exclusively for this book.

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Book – 122 pages – English only


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"I have been riding horses for over 50 years and have always felt that the perfect saddle had yet to be developed. I often dreamed of a saddle that could be adjusted to fit any horse and accommodate its physical development throughout its training. A saddle that would encourage a proper seat position and actually enhance the riding experience without causing physical damage or discomfort to either horse or rider. I had thought it impossible and was very skeptical when Jochen Schleese claimed to have developed a saddle that could do that and more.  The horses immediately had a freedom of movement and suppleness that was amazing and actually encourages the horse to work through their backs. We thank Jochen Schleese for devoting his life to researching and developing his saddle system and is now educating trainers and riders to listen to their horses. Horses always tell the truth."

— Will Faerber - Encinitas, CA

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