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I just purchased your book [Suffering in Silence] and am very impressed with both the information you have presented as well as the clarity in which it is written. I teach both instructor and rider clinics in both North America and Europe and saddle fit is a huge issue everywhere I teach. The lack of understanding of equine and human biomechanics among so called saddle fit experts is astounding. Within our Centered Riding Instructor Courses we include a little about the importance of correctly fitted saddles for both horse and rider so that they will be able to recognize when saddles do not fit and the consequences for the horse. With your permission, I would like to use some of your illustrations (especially anatomical) in my clinics. I always tell people where the information comes from. I am adding also you to my recommended reading list that I give out at all my clinics. When people ask me what kind of saddle i think is best my reply is always the one that fits your horse and you the best. Thanks for writing such an informative book and such a critical subject for all horses! Best regards, Sue Sue Leffler Teaching Clinics Internationally Centered Riding Level IV Clinician Balimo Equestrian Seat Clinician

— Sue Leffler - Sittsville, Ontario

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