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All too often we have heard riders state that they didn’t care if the saddle fit them or not; main thing was that it fit the horse.

Unfortunately, if the saddle doesn’t fit the rider as well, then it doesn’t really matter how well it fits the horse. The rider’s pain and discomfort will be translated down to the horse (remember that he can feel the tiniest fly landing on his skin) Therefore, we would like to propose that rider comfort is just as important. Riding should not hurt – that`s the first thing. As a rider, if you are experiencing any of the following issues (i.e., “pains”) it could be that your saddle simply doesn’t fit you properly, and on top of that, could be inappropriate for your gender – male or female.

  • Feeling ‘pulled apart’ at the hip joints
  • Constant back pain in the lower back
  • Feeling ‘jarred’ during sitting trot
  • Knee joints hurt
  • Slipped disc
  • Constant bladder or urinary tract infections
  • Being literally ‘rubbed raw’ in the pubic area

We recognize that sometimes it is impossible to use a saddle that fits you, especially in a riding school where many people have to ride the same saddle. But if you are in a position where you own your own horse, ride regularly and want to improve – perhaps it`s time to examine all of the finer points of saddle fit to the rider. Riders come in all shapes and sizes – this has implications for achieving optimal saddle fit (heavier riders, short riders, tall riders) Ride pain free. For you. For your horse.

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Hello Julia, Just wanted to thank you for coming to Millbrook.  It is hard to believe a saddle can make such a difference to both horse and rider, for good or bad!  Both horses are going in a more relaxed state, raising their backs easily and getting their legs under them.  Both are picking up canters on either rein.  I rode the small one for 2.5 hours through the Ganny on Sunday, up and down hills and the saddle remained in position and he was a happy boy.  I had no hip or ankle pain at all.  After getting home I walked the dog and then rode the Canadien.  In the summer I would not have been able to even think of doing that as my hip would have been so sore.  I feel 40 years younger and would not hesitate to event again if I had the horse and a proper Schleese saddle.  I might even be looking forward to doing Dressage with Duc, or at least reining with Laddie! Thanks again and hope you and Charlie had a good trip home!

— Ann Lanz - Millbrook, Ontario

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