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All too often we have heard riders state that they didn’t care if the saddle fit them or not; main thing was that it fit the horse.

Unfortunately, if the saddle doesn’t fit the rider as well, then it doesn’t really matter how well it fits the horse. The rider’s pain and discomfort will be translated down to the horse (remember that he can feel the tiniest fly landing on his skin) Therefore, we would like to propose that rider comfort is just as important. Riding should not hurt – that`s the first thing. As a rider, if you are experiencing any of the following issues (i.e., “pains”) it could be that your saddle simply doesn’t fit you properly, and on top of that, could be inappropriate for your gender – male or female.

  • Feeling ‘pulled apart’ at the hip joints
  • Constant back pain in the lower back
  • Feeling ‘jarred’ during sitting trot
  • Knee joints hurt
  • Slipped disc
  • Constant bladder or urinary tract infections
  • Being literally ‘rubbed raw’ in the pubic area

We recognize that sometimes it is impossible to use a saddle that fits you, especially in a riding school where many people have to ride the same saddle. But if you are in a position where you own your own horse, ride regularly and want to improve – perhaps it`s time to examine all of the finer points of saddle fit to the rider. Riders come in all shapes and sizes – this has implications for achieving optimal saddle fit (heavier riders, short riders, tall riders) Ride pain free. For you. For your horse.

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Wow, wow, wow, wow! I am so grateful and amazed at your generosity. It’s taken me a long time to write because I didn’t think I could possibly find the words to express my thanks adequately. I still don’t have the words but am finally writing anyway! My new saddle is amazing!! When you decided we needed a special new saddle, I thought it was really for my horse. After all, I hadn’t had any problems with saddle fit for myself when the saddle fit the horse and my last saddle was comfortable for me. I knew the new saddle would fit Juilliard beautifully, but I have been shocked at how big a difference it has made for me too! My seat and legs are always exactly where they need to be, without me even trying. And this isn’t just when the horse is still. It’s at all gaits, lateral work, etc.! I feel like I’m sitting IN my horse, not on top of him. My legs are long without me having to stretch them down. I have always envied how male dressage riders have such effortless position, and now I sit just as effectively as they do! This saddle puts my weight over precisely the right spot on my horse’s back. In every saddle prior to this, I’ve always felt behind the motion with Juilliard’s medium and extended trots. Now for the first time I am in balance with the motion for these big trots. It is wonderful to no longer be fighting my saddle, and to instead have one that makes my job more easy and comfortable! The biggest change I have noticed with Juilliard is the adjustability of the canter. With previous saddles, in even just a lengthened canter, it always felt like the rear of the saddle was blocking the movement of his back, and he had to brace against it hitting him. Often I had to go into a half seat or he would buck instead of making his stride longer. Now his back has room to move with the new saddle, and he easily and willingly elongates and makes big round jumpy strides (like he hasn’t done since he was young and saddle length wasn’t an issue). This is such an amazing saddle for both of us, and I can’t thank you enough for making it happen! Many, many thanks!!

— Jennifer Chong - Damascus, OR

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