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Saddle Stitch News - 10/04/2019

October 4th, 2019
2019 GO Global Awards Finalist

We are pleased to announce that we have been selected as Finalists for the Go Global Awards presented by the International Trade Council.
Visit or for more information!

Enter to Win Contest – Northern California and Nevada

This month we are launching another social media prize draw contest that will give riders in Northern California and Nevada the chance to win an 80-Point Saddle Fit Evaluation. This contest is open to all riders currently riding in NON-Schleese saddles and would be NEW customers to Schleese.

Ontario Winner Announced!

Ontario contest winner announcement: Congratulations to Tara Klein! You are this month’s winner from Toronto, Ontario. Schleese will be contacting you to arrange your 80 Point Saddle Fit Evaluation with Certified Saddle Ergonomist, Julia Curtis, R.E.M.T., CSE.

Featured Schleese Ambassador

This month’s featured Schleese Ambassador is Sharon Merkel-Beattie, owner and operator of Windhaven Enterprises. “Schleese saddles have played a large part in my success with all my horses. I enjoy working with this company and have purchased several saddles from them.” – Sharon Merkel-Beattie Check out Sharon’s full biography and testimonial on our website. Link below.

SFT Spotlight

In May 2016 Karen pursued her interest in Saddle fitting and worked towards becoming a Certified Saddle Ergonomist. Achieving her certification in January 2017 she began her career with Schleese. Karen now committed to teaching others the importance of a properly fitted saddle and checking the fit regularly as the horse grows and changes. “I think Schleese fitters are foremost the most thorough of any other fitter. We take more time to put all the pieces together; measurements, overall health questions, dynamic fittings, as well as working with other equine professionals as a team for the horse, because we fit according to human and horse anatomy and biomechanics.” – Karen Jackson Learn more about Karen on our website. Link posted below.

Rider Testimonial: 

“A couple of years ago, a friend offered to let me ride her mare. She rides in a Schleese saddle. From the moment I sat in her beautiful saddle, I knew that I had to have one for myself. A Schleese saddle then became my dream saddle. I finally found THE ONE after a year and a half. I dabble in dressage as a hobby but do not currently compete. I also participate in mounted archery with my horse Reagan. Yes, you read that right, I shoot bows and arrows off of the back of a horse. A lot like the Native Americans used to do on the American Plains – except that I ride in a Schleese Wave. I love my saddle so much as does my horse. From the first ride wearing it, he moved out so freely. It was almost like riding a completely different horse. His trot became less choppy and restrictive. He is also more willing to pick up the canter for me without tossing his head. I feel that he is able to extend his shoulder without the saddle tree jamming into his shoulder blade. This is something I never realized was a common issue with other saddle trees on the market today. Because of our Schleese saddle, when we head down the lane to shoot, I can feel nearly every muscle of his back and am able to connect with my horse. We are able to move together as a unit. It takes an enormous amount of trust for me to drop the reins entirely and trust my horse to run steady while I shoot. In turn, he trusts me to use equipment that is comfortable to him in order to allow him to do his job effectively. I feel that it helps him to enjoy his work and build a positive relationship between not only he and I but also between himself and his “work.” I adore the quality craftsmanship of my Schleese. I know that it is well made and will last us for many years to come. I have five saddles in my tack room and my Wave is now the ONLY saddle that I use. I can ride for hours in my Schleese and don’t get sore. Thank you so much for making a top of the line product that is multi-faceted to fit my varied riding styles. Reagan appreciates your fabulous products too as we have the 8″ anatomical girth and stirrup leathers also. I am now a hopeless Schleese addict!”
-Jaderian Johnson-Stanfield, Tennessee, USA

Where is Jochen?
September had Jochen and Miriam take a short trip to Florida for public relations (and sales!) purposes, which was very successful. We also saw another successful 7 day Equine Ergonomist in Ontario with the inclusion of several of our own staff – Julia A., Mackenzie and Lisa (our newest acquisition!). Jochen then spent a few days in Germany working with our retail partners over there and is now home for the first half of the month of October. October 12 will see Jochen in his first dance competition (pictures to follow next newsletter!) and then off to his fall CNDC trip with Christiane Noelting. Sabine and Miriam will head off to Chicago Oct 21 for a few days at the GoGlobal International Conference, where Schleese is up for an international Export Award! Angelika Schleese (our Managing Director for Schleese GmbH in Germany) will be arriving at the end of the month with her controller to present the annual financial review for Europe.

October Birthdays 

 This month we are wishing Colleen (21st) a very happy birthday!

Quote of the Month

Closing Stitches

Saddle Fitters On the Road!

Schleese sponsored trainer Barbi Breen-Gurley after a lovely 3rd Level ride on her horse Happy. At USDF Region 7 Championships! Thanks again to Murielle for the images from the event!

Schleese client, Kelly Estes on her five year old, doing great at first level at the USDF Region 7 Championships!

Kathryn Miller on Winterdance. 18 1/2 year old gelding. Riding 3 rd level. Took 3rd place in USDF Third Level Amateur. Riding in her PSI Panel Heike Kemmer.

Schleese client Cynthia Rowland and her mare Rosie, Third level at the Region 7 Championships. Trainer: Creeky Routson

Schleese sponsored trainer Creeky Routson and Cynthia Rowland on Cynthia’s Friesians. At USDF/CDS Region 7 Championships in Rancho Murieta.

Sponsored trainer Jordan Rohanna, on her success at the Region 7 USDF Dressage Championships. She won Reserve Champion for second level!

Our two Managing Directors (for Schleese North America and Schleese Europe). Cheers ladies, we appreciate all your hard work!

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If anyone deserves a Schleese saddle it's the horse. And I mean every horse. The dressage champion as much as the trail king and everything in between. I learned that last year and I will tell you how. My friends daughter has a very sensitive Thoroughbred that she events with. George is handsome, a great jumper and... and absolute horror to tack up. He was twisting under every saddle like an eel. Gnashing his horrible teeth and- you get the picture. I recommended to look for a new saddle and that Schleese might help. The fitting was a nightmare! George was fussing and fighting. Turns out that he has a very short back. So short in fact, that none of the demo saddles even worked. My friend decided to order a new Schleese. It was like a miracle! After using it for a short time, George started to relax while tacking up. No more snapping and eye rolling. The muscle spasms in his back stopped, and he started to enjoy petting and scratches. He is not perfect, and probably never will be after years of ill fitting saddles, but he is better. Why would I deserve a Schleese? My horse Radar would love it. I have a dressage Schleese that my guy loves. Now I think, he would really deserve a jumping one, to continue being a happy horse. George was our example of how this saddle works and why we believe in the brand. Thanks

— Kathi Menner - Elmira, NY

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