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Saddle Stitch News - 12/04/2019

December 4th, 2019
Read about Featured 3S Ambassador, Quote of the Month, Where is Jochen and more!
Saddle Stitch: Your Monthly Internal Schleese News & Updates

Quartet Dressage Saddle Launch

We are celebrating this special month with the launch of the Quartet dressage saddle! The Quartet is an exquisite dressage saddle in our industry-changing Bi-NateLine®. This saddle model is lightweight, providing an extremely close feel to the horse with our soft-ride seat and an extra narrow twist. It also features Schleese’s innovative shoulder relief cut-back panel to provide the best shoulder freedom in the industry. 

Our adjustable Lightweight-Split AdapTree can be adjusted on an ongoing basis to your horse and to any future horse(s). The Quartet dressage saddle also features our revolutionary PSI panel system to maximize the saddle’s weight-bearing surface area throughout the length of the panel with the lowest pressure per square inch of any English saddle. The Quartet differentiates itself from our ProLight due to the extra supportive seat with added seat foam under and behind the seat bones, grippe buffalo leather and standard 3/4 angled thigh blocks which give added security to the rider’s thigh from our regular 3/4 thigh block. The saddle offers the rider complete support with a forward balance center of gravity.

Enter to Win Contest – OPEN TO ALL USA & CA

We are launching another social media prize draw contest that will give riders located anywhere in North America the chance to win an 80-Point Saddle Fit Evaluation. This contest is open to all riders currently riding in NON-Schleese saddles and would be NEW customers to Schleese.
Featured Schleese Ambassador
Our featured Schleese Ambassador is Christy Scotch. Christy is a Grand Prix rider who rides her mare ‘Darya’ in her Schleese Let’s Dance dressage saddle (which incidentally was designed by Anne Gribbons who is a 5* FEI Judge, Past USEF Coach and an Olympic Caliber Trainer).
To learn more about Christie and read her full bio, click the link below.
Rider Testimonial: 
My husband had to have a custom saddle made for him and his horses (XC Merci) and I bought the Jete. Our horses are loving the saddles!

Lindsey Gapp – Maryland, USA

Where is Jochen?
November has been an exceptionally busy month for Jochen, with a speaking engagement at the Equine Affaire in Mass Nov 7-9, one day home (getting the house and garden ready for winter) and then off to South Africa with Sonja on the evening of the 10th. They had a very successful testing day for the racing saddle prototype in Johannesburg at the jockey club there, and then Jochen taught an Equine Ergonomist course. From there he flew out on the 19th to meet up with Chris M. and Odia in Auckland NZ for their 2nd Equitana in the Pacific Rim. Once again Schleese blew away the competition with first prize for the best innovative product, and came 2nd in the ‘best booth’ judging (which was political, as they were told we should have won, but they had to spread the love a bit…) Jochen spoke twice as an educational presenter there as well and they are very eager to have us back for Melbourne again next year (plus the US Equitana that is debuting again in North America!). From there they all flew to Melbourne with an insane amount of luggage as they had to take everything with them. Another course, although our contact and top trainer David in Melbourne unfortunately had a recent major riding accident and was unable to assist.
December will be a bit more restful for Jochen, with only a short trip planned to Lexington KY for the Equus Film Festival Dec 5-9, where his bestselling book “Suffering in Silence” is up for an educational literary award. After that, a couple of weeks in the office taking care of year end business and continuing to train with Sabine and their daughter Samantha for the Winter Ball dance competition Dec. 20. (it will be at the Airport Delta, if anyone cares to watch… the club dances will be Dec 19 from 7 pm on at the same location).
Looking forward to the Company Christmas lunch on Dec 19 at our old favourite restaurant from when we were still located on Kennedy Road in Stouffville – Hanson’s Country Restaurant! An eclectic mix of Chinese, Italian, and Canadian cuisine – but very delicious!
December Birthdays 
This month we are wishing Rachel (1st), Wilson (5th), Chris Z (13th) and Jonathan (18th) a very happy birthday!
Quote of the Month

Closing Stitches
Equitana Auckland 2019
Check out these wonderful photos from our time in Auckland, New Zealand at this year’s Equitana event down under!

Innovation of The Year Award – Equitana Auckland 2019
In addition to the wonderful show, we were delighted to leave with the Innovation of the Year award for our industry-changing Bi-NateLine! Check out the photos below.

Schleese at the Equine Industry Symposium
Check out these great photos from the Equine Industry Symposium at the University of Guelph last month, including some shots of our prize wheel winners with their prizes.
S4L Equine Ergonomist Course Australia
Check out these awesome photos from the latest Saddlefit4Life course held in Australia last month. Congratulations to all of our recent graduates! 
Saddle Fitters On the Road!
Rory making sure Karen Jackson (SFT) is doing a good job adjusting the saddle! 
One of our clients Little Lilly wanting to learn more about saddle fit! Photo sent in by Julia Dixon-Curtis, SFT.
Reagan the Frisian Jumper! Photo sent in by Karen Jackson, SFT.
Holiday Greeting
One last thank you to all of our amazing friends, clients, affiliates and employees all over the world for making 2019 such an amazing year for us. We wish you all a wonderful holiday season & New Year 2020!

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You fitted my saddle the end of January. It was a new Obrigado and I was not sure I liked it yet, and you told me to ride in it awhile and see what happened. Well, I just wanted you to know that as of today I officially am in love with this saddle. I have been liking it a lot, but today it all really clicked. (Lucio was in love a long time ago, actually.) It is really comfortable, and also puts me in a very good position and allows me to be really close to my horse. Lucio's shoulders are so much freer and his back so much happier that he is much easier to ride. Things got better a year ago when I switched to a Schleese. This saddle is really working and I am so happy. Also, my younger daughter Hannah rode Lucio in it yesterday and she had not ridden in a good while, and she loved it too. She said it was the most comfortable saddle she had ridden in. She had such bad pains from her previous saddle that she would be in tears and got a lot of UTIs from riding. It is part of the reason she stopped riding. She said she would like to start riding again.

— Jane-Marie (and Lucio) - NY

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