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Saddle Stitch News - 11/04/2019

November 4th, 2019

2019 Winner of Female CEO of the Year Award

Talk about Girl Power! Check out this amazing award we won from the international trade council conference held in Chicago last week, highlighting Women in Business with the “Female CEO of the Year” award. They had 3800 applications with 60 finalists of which we were one.
We are so honoured to receive this award! Thank you to the International Trade Council! Visit or for more information!

Enter to Win Contest – New York

This month we are launching another social media prize draw contest that will give riders in the State of New York the chance to win an 80-Point Saddle Fit Evaluation. This contest is open to all riders currently riding in NON-Schleese saddles and would be NEW customers to Schleese.

Featured Schleese Ambassador

Our featured Schleese Ambassador is David Prior. David’s passion for horses, and his instinct to know and understand them has deepened over the years. He combines this with a growing knowledge of how best to work with horses in a way that reflects his admiration for their unique stature as animals. In addition to being an Accredited Level 2 NCAS Coach, David continues to compete at an international level in eventing and show jumping.
To learn more about David and to read his full bio. Visit the link below.

Watch the promotional video we made featured David Prior:

SFT Spotlight

SFT Spotlight is on Julia Dixon-Curtis. Julia has been working as a part of the Schleese team since 2003 and graduated from D’Arcy Lane in 2007, earning her Registered Equine Massage Therapist (REMT) designation. Her intensive schooling provided her with a deep understanding of equine anatomy, physiology, behaviour, and confirmation. Her combined knowledge from her schooling, her life with horses, and her training as a Certified Saddle Fit Technician, allow her to provide you and your horse with the best possible outcome for your saddle fitting needs. Read more about Julia and our other saddle fitters on our website.

Rider Testimonial: 

“Hi there, just thought I’d share a pic of my handsome man Flicka in his Devin saddle. I love this saddle so much. I don’t think Flick has ever had a correctly fitted saddle, and he is 16. In the year I’ve had him, I’ve discovered so much about him. An old knee injury seems to have affected his movement and caused issues in his sacroiliac area. He also has white hair that shows that his movement is not symmetrical. He has had the winter off here in Australia with lots of body work and ground exercises. This pic is of his first ride back into work. I couldn’t be happier. It (the saddle) put me in the right position and he felt so good under me. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge online. It has helped me so much in understanding both of my horses bodies. And thank you for a well thought through saddle for both horse and rider.”

-Terri Fountain – Victoria, AUS

Where is Jochen?

October was a busy month for the Schleeses – both Sabine and Jochen competed in a dance competition (Jochen’s first in 15 years!) before Jochen left for his fall CNDC trip (see photos in Closing Stitches). Schleese was once again a finalist for the Business Excellence Awards through the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce, where they were in the Innovator of the Year category. Didn’t win – but still an honour to be a finalist, given the hundreds of businesses which are nominated each year!
Miriam and Sabine then flew to Chicago for the International Trade Council Conference, where they won an award for “Women in Business – Female CEO of the Year” for export excellence, and Schleese received its Quality in Business Certification! (Photos in Closing Stitches)
November will be the beginning of a killer month for Jochen and some of our staff – starting with our German Managing Director Angelika Schleese and her controller Uwe Lesch joining us for the annual year end meeting on November 1. Then Jochen is off to Equine Affaire, Mass., where he will once again be an educational presenter. On November 10th, he and Sonja head off to South Africa to test the racing saddle and hold an equine ergonomics course in Johannesburg. From there he heads on to New Zealand and the Auckland Equitana (fingers crossed for another ‘best booth’ award!); following that another trip to Melbourne for more training of Schleese associates. He will be back beginning of December, just in time to head off to the Equus Film Festival Awards in Lexington KY, where his best-selling book is up for an educational literary award.

November Birthdays 

This month we are wishing Karen (20th) a very happy birthday!
Quote of the Month

Closing Stitches

Schleese at the Business Excellence Awards

Check out this wonderful group photo of the Schleese Team at the 2019 Newmarket Chamber Business Excellence Awards where we were a finalist for the Innovation of the Year award. Check out this great promotional video made by Image Commission for the awards dinner.

Schleese at the International Trade Council

Check out this wonderful photo of Sabine Schleese (Director of Global Affairs) alongside Miriam Boutros-Dale (General Manager) at the International Trade Council Go Global Awards where we accepted the award for Female CEO of the Year.


The Schleeses Compete in Another Dance Competition!

Check out these awesome photos from the latest dance competition that the Schleese’s competed in this year. This was Jochen’s first competition in 15 Years! Looking fabulous!


Saddle Fitters On the Road!

Check out this cutie, full name: FRENCH ONION SOUP with his owner Phebe! They are super happy in their new HK saddle.


One of our clients from Payson, Arizona competed at the Cowboy Dressage world finals and did well! Here she is in the local paper riding in her Devin Saddle!

Sent in by Connie Frantzke. Stay tuned for more posts from our SFTs and CSMs on the road!

Check out handsome Petey sporting his LightFlight saddle! The rider’s name is Annie Mortimer.
Learn more about the LightFlight on our website.


Below is a photo of Melanie Bourque and her horse Rubi from a thank you postcard she sent to the Schleese Team. Thank you Melanie, we are happy to be a part of your team!

Check out this photo sent in by Karen Jackson, SFT. Rider Ashley with Bonsai during their saddle fit evaluation in Alabama! Thanks for the great photo Karen!

Below are photos sent in by Schleese Client Lindsey Gapp taken by Lexi Taciak! Here’s what Lindsey had to say about the schleese saddles: 

“Thought Schleese would appreciate our photos that we had done a few weeks ago. My husband had to have a custom saddle made for him and his horses (XC Merci) and I bought the Jete. Our horses are loving the saddles!”

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I wanted to thank you again for going above and beyond at my saddle fitting appointment. That was a truly kind and generous thing for you to do and I can’t thank you enough. I am truly feeling lucky and my horse is equally so. I am sure your dedication and commitment to the highest standards will make a lasting impression. I remain forever grateful to you.

— Nancy Totten - Walnut Creek, CA

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