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Saddle Stitch News - 11/06/2018

November 6th, 2018

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Schleese Team at the Business Excellence Awards 2018!

Check out this great group photo of the Schleese team at the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce 2018 Business Excellence Awards Ceremony last week. Schleese, among other companies, was recognized for our business achievements and community involvement as well as our contributions to the economic and social well-being of the Town of Newmarket.
Although we didn’t win this year, the fact that we – as a 32 year old company – were noted for an innovation award speaks volumes to the accomplishments of our business! The recognition in the business community is invaluable, and we can all be proud of our achievements.
Never lose your passion and keep the end goal firmly on your radar. With the number of projects we consistently have on the go it can be easy to feel overwhelmed at times, but with a wonderful, dedicated and supportive team like ours, success is inevitable!

Legacy Launch!

Our Western saddle line has grown to meet the high demand for a more traditional looking western saddle. Introducing the Schleese Legacy!

From a tough and useful working saddle to show ring ready, the Legacy suits it all! Learn more about the Legacy on our website.

SFT Spotlight

Classically trained in dressage in both Europe and North America, Denise has over twenty years of experience working with internationally known trainers such as Jaimey Irwin, Jo Hinnemann, Dietrich Von Hopfgarten, Bonnie Bonnello &more. Denise uses the Saddlefit 4 Life 80 point diagnostic Saddle Fit Evaluation to horse and rider to assist clients with saddle issues and improve movement, comfort, position and well-being of both horse and rider.

Read more about Denise and our other saddle fitters on our website.



Featured Schleese Ambassador

Jeff Wilson is a nationally known trainer and clinician teaching Cowboy Dressage. With a thirty-five year professional career, Jeff has furthered a love for all breeds of horses through the training and pursuit of Cowboy Dressage with its core focus on promoting fun, safety, and harmony.

“I believe everyone should have access to the highest level of horsemanship they desire. I have found a gift in Schleese and the amazing team of professionals available to help me.” – Jeff Wilson

Read Jeff’s full testimonial on our website.

Rider Testimonial:

A couple of years ago, a friend offered to let me ride her mare. She rides in a Schleese saddle. From the moment I sat in her beautiful saddle, I knew that I had to have one for myself. A Schleese saddle then became my dream saddle. I finally found THE ONE after a year and a half. I dabble in dressage as a hobby but do not currently compete. I also participate in mounted archery with my horse Reagan. Yes, you read that right, I shoot bows and arrows off of the back of a horse. A lot like the Native Americans used to do on the American Plains – except that I ride in a Schleese Wave. I love my saddle so much as does my horse.
From the first ride wearing it, he moved out so freely. It was almost like riding a completely different horse. His trot became less choppy and restrictive. He is also more willing to pick up the canter for me without tossing his head. I feel that he is able to extend his shoulder without the saddle tree jamming into his shoulder blade. This is something I never realized was a common issue with other saddle trees on the market today. Because of our Schleese saddle, when we head down the lane to shoot, I can feel nearly every muscle of his back and am able to connect with my horse. We are able to move together as a unit. It takes an enormous amount of trust for me to drop the reins entirely and trust my horse to run steady while I shoot. In turn, he trusts me to use equipment that is comfortable to him in order to allow him to do his job effectively. I feel that it helps him to enjoy his work and build a positive relationship between not only he and I but also between himself and his “work.”
I adore the quality craftsmanship of my Schleese. I know that it is well made and will last us for many years to come. I have five saddles in my tack room and my Wave is now the ONLY saddle that I use. I can ride for hours in my Schleese and don’t get sore. Thank you so much for making a top of the line product that is multi-faceted to fit my varied riding styles. Reagan appreciates your fabulous products too as we have the 8″ anatomical girth and stirrup leathers also. I am now a hopeless Schleese addict!
-Jaderian Johnson-Stanfield, Tennessee, USA
Read the full testimonial on our website:

Where is Jochen?

October went by very quickly; we attended the Business Excellence Awards with our management team and had a lovely evening (although we didn’t win) and we all looked great! Next Year!!
Jochen will be home only for the first week of November, but will be doing his annual guest lecturing stint at the University of Guelph together with Sonja this year on Nov 7-9. Then on the 11th Jochen, Odia and Murielle (from California) will be flying down to Australia to participate in the Equitana trade show down there with a subsequent S4L CEE course and ISF/IWSF training. Jochen leaves after the CEE course and flies to Johannesburg South Africa, where he will be on a panel of presenters for the Dressage Forum there, before doing a one-week intensive CEE course there. And that takes us into December!

November Birthdays

This month we are wishing Karen (20th) a very happy birthday!

Quote of the Month

Closing Stitches

Region 7 Championships
Check out these great photos from Region 7 Championships. Deb Hirons and Odia Dibben were representing Schleese at the event this year!
Pictured below is Deb Hirons, Karen Thornton and Pepper. Karen and Pepper purchased a Devin saddle from Deb Hirons and haven’t looked back since! 20 year old Pepper is 10 again and the damage caused by his previously saddle has been corrected.
Congratulations to Christian Hartung and Desario (pictured below) for winning CDS Fourth Level Horse of the Year Champion!
Schleese Ambassador Barbi Breen-Gurley looking happy with her rides – for good reason!
Check out this adorable little client of ours – Valentino! Looking great in the Bonita Pony Dressage Saddle.
Ottawa Area Dressage Group Sponsorship
Check out this lovely letter and great photos sent in by Susan Otto from Ottawa Area Dressage Group as a thank you for our sponsorship.
Saddle Fitters: On the Road!
Check out these great photos sent in by some of our great Saddle Fitters while on the road.
First is Letzen in his gorgeous Obrigado with PSI! Photo and saddle fitting by Karen Jackson!
Karen Jackson (SFT) enjoys a hike around Sequoyah Lake!
Destiny doing a tree adjustment at our headquarters in Ontario, Canada!

Isabella and her beautiful pony in their new Bonita pony dressage saddle.

Denise had a very curious student yesterday! Check out this cute photo of Kirt the Fjord from Parry Sound with Denise Lenz, SFT.
Peg, is wishing everyone a happy Halloween season in her pumpkin coloured Schleese Western Saddle!

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Testimonial from a client who responded to a post on Chronicle of the Horse Forums. Hate to say it, but 99.999% of all riders/trainers/vets/chiropractors have no idea whether a saddle fits or not- and Jochen Schleese has done the research and the innovation to determine what does fit. My 3 year old started to give me the same signs as this mare [bucking] - thank God I was lucky enough to attend a lecture by JS the next weekend and I then did quite a bit of investigating what he had to offer. I took the plunge and even with a loaner saddler in the interim the results are phenomenal. No more issues with my young horse, and my older horse who I was on the verge of retiring because of cascading soundness issues is now going better and sounder every single day- and doing work which he has never been able to do before. Of course, I was able to change the saddle on my young horse BEFORE he learned to defend himself by rearing and bucking and it became a habit. A new saddle is considerably cheaper than sending her somewhere to another "fixer" trainer.

— Madeline Zook, NV

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