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Saddle Stitch News - 03/05/2019

March 6th, 2019
March Madness!
This month we are discounting 2016-2017 Obrigado models commencing March 1st to the 31st. With savings of up to $750 off select Obrigado models, interested clients are encouraged to contact for more information as it will not be advertised or active on our website.
SFT Spotlight
Updated Bio: 
Chris has been a great asset to Schleese in many ways for over 15 years. He completed his apprenticeship with Jochen Schleese many years ago before deciding to pursue saddle fitting as his current career. He has had a part in the design of many of our saddles and plays a key part in the innovative process of many of our bestselling models. What makes Chris such an asset to this company is his passion for horses and great pride in the product that he stands behind. Chris is unique as a fitter because of his in-depth knowledge of every one of our models as well as his ability to stitch and do repairs on site.
Chris says that training with Jochen Schleese in every aspect of his career has been a very valuable experience! Watching the drastic improvements in so many horses and the smiles of so many owners are why Chris truly loves his career!
Featured Schleese Ambassadors

Congrats to our ambassador duo Tina & Jaimey Irwin for their continued success in Florida this show season! They are taking Florida by storm- notably with a win by Jaimey Irwin riding Laurencio in place of his injured wife, Tina, for the FEI Prix St. Georges CDI3*. Out of a negative, they created a positive! What an incredible pair! This duo rides in our revolutionary PSI Panel that maximizes the saddle’s weight bearing surface area along the horse’s back to help the development and performance while ensuring a pain-free ride.

Rider Testimonial:
“I couldn’t believe it,” said Colby’s Army lead instructor Kim Coleman Light. “For almost a year I’d been trying to get my rider to sit up with her legs underneath her and as soon as she sat in the Schleese saddle, mission accomplished. All of sudden I have a rider who is advancing much faster. What a difference a Schleese saddle can make!” -Kim Coleman, TN
Where is Jochen?
Jochen and Natalie had a very successful trip to Texas, where they saw a lot of old clients and made some new connections. At the end of February Jochen flew to California for the first of his three annual trips to CNDC, where he will work with Christiane, Murielle, Chris M. and Matt. California and Nevada will be a two week clinic, which ends March 9, at which point Jochen will come back to home base in Florida for a week to enjoy March Break with Samantha and Jordan, who will be flying down for a visit. Jochen then leaves March 18 to fly to Germany, where he will be teaching his annual 4-day Saddlefit 4 Life vet course in Frankfurt, after which he flies to Dubai with Katja Lange from Germany to teach a five day course there. He is particularly looking forward to the experience of flying with the Emirates Airbus 380!
Jochen is back in Florida the end of March, where he will have a week or so of well-deserved rest before April brings with it all the weekend trade shows and his lecture circuit.
March Birthdays 
This month we are wishing Denise Lenz (4th), Mark Frantzke (20th), Tim McGrath (22th) and Michelle J Powell (27th) a very happy birthday!
Quote of the Month
Closing Stitches
Jaimey Irwin Tops Leaderboard Taking Over for Injured Wife Tina Irwin

What an incredible story – a win by Jaimey Irwin riding Laurencio in place of his injured wife, Tina, for the FEI Prix St. Georges CDI3*. Out of a negative, they created a positive! What an incredible pair! Check out what Tina had to say about her husband’s win:

“These two were fabulous this weekend, I was so proud! What a lucky girl I am to have such a talented husband who can just take over the reins from my main horse, who he has not ridden in months and they top the leaderboard! The freestyle is a very personal performance, so it was interesting to watch jaimey go through it for the first time on a horse that knew his routine! Nonetheless they finished fourth with over 73%! Not such an easy task.
My hand is feeling better and better and thank you to all of you who have given me so much support and encouragement!” – Tina Irwin


Saddle Fitters On the Road!
Check out this great photo of Emilie and Esperanza trying out the ProLight Saddle! They’re both in love! Photo taken by Karen Jackson, SFT.
Check out the great photo of Destiny helping Karen fit a saddle… They had extra help from Karen’s fur-baby Salty!
Lucy loves her new ProLight Saddle for Larkin! She wins biggest smile of the day! Special thanks to Odia Dibben for sending in this great photo!
The Schleese Pawffice Assistants
Say hello to the Schleese office pups! From left to right: Sweetie- Korina’s pup, Salty- owns Karen, and Jax- Colleen’s fluff ball. All rescue dogs. All friends. Hanging out in the office this morning!

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Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Jochen to fit my 7-year old Andalusian with a Schleese Obrigado saddle. I believe that I am one of the first owners of this model of saddle in the USA, and I felt it might be of some help to you to have a brief testimonial on this saddle from an owner's point of view. I have been on my dressage journey for over 60 years as a rider, trainer and FEI competitor. I recently purchased an Obrigado saddle from Jochen directly, and, of course, he fitted it perfectly to my 4th level Andalusian gelding. Immediately after the fitting, I noticed a positive improvement in my horse's movements and overall way of going. His gaits have improved dramatically and his vertical lift through the shoulder at all gaits has become quite extraordinary. A number of trainers and judges have commented favorably on my horse's improved movement. I am well aware that Schleese Saddlery prides itself on anatomically suited saddles for women. As a man, I have found my new saddle to be comfortable for my horse and me from day one. I am not one to write a testimonial about any saddle, but in this case it is more than well deserved. I would strongly recommend the Obrigado to anyone whose horse will benefit from the saddle's design and fit. It will definitely improve their dressage journey and help take it to a higher level.    

— Michael J. Rabinowitz - Stonington, CT

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