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Schleese custom saddles significantly contribute to the protection, well-being and health of you and your horse through innovative saddle design, saddle fit analyses, personalized education and saddle fitting services. Schleese is committed to excellence and quality in each and every handcrafted saddle, bridle, girth and stirrup leathers we produce.

We understand your needs and riding challenges because we are riders too! Is your horse hollow, resistant, lacking engagement? Does he have gait abnormalities, a 4-beat canter, sore back or poor attitude? Do you struggle with poor position, balance or have back, hip or pelvic discomfort? These challenges may be caused by ill-fitting tack. We specialize in fully adjustable saddles ergonomically designed to help women and men ride more comfortably, effectively and free of pain, accommodating the bio-mechanics of movement for maximum comfort for your horse. Schleese is committed to research and innovation, providing education through Saddlefit 4 Life® for equine professionals and those who care about protecting horse and rider from long-term damage. We have the privilege of helping over 6000 horses and riders every year!

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Ongoing education is the key to our goal of preventing long-term damage to horse & rider. Join our Schleese family network to improve the comfort, freedom, vitality & well-being of horse & rider. We wish you many years of enjoyable riding as we continue working together!” Read “Why I Do What I Do”.

Jochen Schleese, CMS, CSFT, CSE

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Hi there, just thought I’d share a pic of my handsome man Flicka in his Devin saddle. I love this saddle so much. I don’t think Flick has ever had a correctly fitted saddle, and he is 16. In the year I’ve had him, I’ve discovered so much about him. An old knee injury seems to have affected his movement and caused issues in his sacroiliac area. He also has white hair that shows that his movement is not symmetrical. He has had the winter off here in Australia with lots of body work and ground exercises. This pic is of his first ride back into work. I couldn’t be happier. It (the saddle) put me in the right position and he felt so good under me. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge online. It has helped me so much in understanding both of my horses bodies. And thank you for a well thought through saddle for both horse and rider.

— Terri Fountain - Victoria, AUS

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