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Schleese Supports Local Crisis Centre with Purchase of COVID-19 Masks!

August 12th, 2020

Cathy Rothery

We at Schleese are committed to maintaining our government approved protocols to ensure both our valued clients and our employees stay safe and healthy during these Covid-19 times.

At the beginning of the pandemic, there was a critical shortage of PPE. My business partner’s wife, Cathy Rothery, started making masks and scrub caps for front line workers.

In recent months she shifted her focus and is sewing masks to benefit our local women’s crisis centre. Cathy is covering all expenses and labour, so 100% of donations for the masks benefit women and families.

My wife Sabine and I have decided to support their efforts and are making a donation to TLC The Life Centre for 100 masks. I will be including one of these beautiful reusable masks with the next 100 saddles sold and shipped from head office, as my personal gift to you. Please follow local health guidelines to keep each other safe and healthy (and keep 18 h.h. apart)!

Women’s Stylish Mask – Come with White Thin Elastic Ear Loops (see men’s earloops for elastic style)

Men’s larger size masks with black thin elastic ear loops.



 Our best regards,
 Jochen and Sabine Schleese  



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Chianti has been my partner for 9 years now. We have done a lot of learning together, but I am glad the searching for a saddle that *might* fit journey is over. After years of trying to accommodate his long shoulder and wanting a forward cut saddle, I bit the bullet and bought and Schleese Merci. We don’t show much, but having a saddle that fits him is the best investment. I know that when I want to go to that show or go on a hunt pace or just hack as long as I can, the saddle is supportive and comfortable for both of us. I never would have thought that a “female” saddle could actually make a difference. And I am so glad I was wrong.

— Rachel Pauls - Kitchener, ON

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