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The Schleese "Ride Pain Free" Challenge

November 25th, 2010

Schleese announces sponsorship of dressage at Wellington with “The Schleese PSG Saddle Challenge” where winners of 4 CDI Prix St.Georges will receive a new Schleese saddle!

Qualifying shows include:

The Gold Coast Dressage Association Opener CDIW

The Wellington on Classic Dressage Spring Challenge CDIW

The Palm Beach Dressage Derby CDIW

The International Horse Sport Palm Beach Champions Cup CDI3*

Managing Director Sabine Schleese states “We are very excited to be part of this prestigious event, and look forward hosting several show receptions in Wellington. We are very excited that Jochen will launch Saddlefit 4 LifeÒ Certification for equine professionals in North America (Florida) this winter, as well as introduce the new HIPPOH Foundation east coast Symposium in Feb (Horse Industry Professionals protecting our Horses). Jochen will be certifying independent saddle fitters who wish to join the Saddlefit 4 Life network to be able to offer more responsive services to riders. Wellington will be our winter home with so much to do!”

Schleese is known as the Premier Female Saddle Specialist, because of their focus in solving issues faced by female riders: pain, discomfort, damage to hips, knees, discs and pelvic area. Schleese’s goal for all riders: ‘Ride Pain Free for you, for your horse!’

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If anyone deserves a Schleese saddle it's the horse. And I mean every horse. The dressage champion as much as the trail king and everything in between. I learned that last year and I will tell you how. My friends daughter has a very sensitive Thoroughbred that she events with. George is handsome, a great jumper and... and absolute horror to tack up. He was twisting under every saddle like an eel. Gnashing his horrible teeth and- you get the picture. I recommended to look for a new saddle and that Schleese might help. The fitting was a nightmare! George was fussing and fighting. Turns out that he has a very short back. So short in fact, that none of the demo saddles even worked. My friend decided to order a new Schleese. It was like a miracle! After using it for a short time, George started to relax while tacking up. No more snapping and eye rolling. The muscle spasms in his back stopped, and he started to enjoy petting and scratches. He is not perfect, and probably never will be after years of ill fitting saddles, but he is better. Why would I deserve a Schleese? My horse Radar would love it. I have a dressage Schleese that my guy loves. Now I think, he would really deserve a jumping one, to continue being a happy horse. George was our example of how this saddle works and why we believe in the brand. Thanks

— Kathi Menner - Elmira, NY

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