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Two presenters from Schleese Saddlery will be among the keynote presenters at the “Women in the Horse Industry” Conference in Vegas, Feb. 24-25

January 10th, 2012

“Not tonight dear, I’ve been riding!”

Cathy Rothery has been working with Schleese and Saddlefit4life since 2000. She presently holds the position of Director of Marketing for both companies, and as such works very closely with Certified Master Saddler Jochen Schleese to develop all promotional materials as well as the educational curriculums taught by Saddlefit4Life all over North America and Europe.

Cathy will be presenting information on the certification process and training offered through Saddlefit4Life, while touching upon all of the associated equine professionals involved with the S4L network worldwide.  This seminar will be of interest to equine professionals and business owners who are interested in learning about the mission of health and wellness for horse and rider with an opportunity to grow your own company and the ability to expand your equine network.

Sabine Schleese started Schleese Saddlery Service Ltd. together with her husband and partner, well-known Certified Master Saddler Jochen Schleese back in 1986, and just recently celebrated not only 25 years of business, but also 25 years of marriage! (and people say it’s difficult to work with your spouse J). She has been on Profit Magazine’s list of Top 100 Women Business Owners for 10 years running, and has received many business achievement awards including Woman Entrepreneur of the Year for York Region, Exporter of the Year (from Ontario Women in International Trade), as well as an Award of Merit from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce – to name a few! Her company has been featured on Discovery Channel twice (How It’s Made and Harrowsmith Country Life), as well as in the Wall Street Journal.

Sabine will be discussing the ins and outs of owning and running an equestrian business while concentrating on promotional and social media topics in particular – something of interest to every business owner!
“This event is pretty much centered around making your equine business more healthy and wealthy. We have some great panels and some wonderful exhibitors who will help our attendees start 2012 off on the right foot with lots of new valuable information,” states WHIN’s President, Catherine Masters

Some of the other seminars and presentations include: Using the Web To Grow Your Business, How To Take Aim And Target Your Market, Backyard Racehorse, Cool New Products and Services, Running and Promoting Your Equine Business, Animal Communication and Healing and Holistic Products and Services.

Some of the other exhibitors include: Equipeople (Ireland), Jr. Possee Youth Equestrian Program, Katherine Thompson (Author), Equinessence, Web Services, Etc., EasyMileLog, Denise Lee Branco (Author) the Tack House and All Vegas Horses – as well as Schleese Saddlery Service and Saddlefit4life.

In addition to the seminars and exhibitors there will be special evening networking events.

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I imported my Casanova from Germany 2 years ago.  He is a lovely mover, sound and bombproof.  But as time passed, I noticed he was not mentally and emotionally engaged.  He has a scar across his tongue, large spur marks, some arthritis on his neck and scar tissue on the sides of his mouth, which are gone now.  Took off my spurs, the double bridle and have done a lot of ground work. One of his problems was he would not stand still at the mounting block.  Changed saddles several times.  Everybody told me to swat him and make him stand still.  I did not. This lasted for almost a year, until I put my new Obrigado on him.  He stood still!!!!  And he stands still for me to mount every time!!!  He was speaking loud and clear until we found the answer.  Never a dull moment with our wonderful teachers and companions!

— Mary 'Mimi' Haddad - McAllan, TX

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